See you :tomorrow:

Our besties in Hawaii left today. [Kai's expression says it all: noooooooooo....don't go~....]
We met in Provo, came to Hawaii together, and had the best times hanging out. Our experience here wouldn't have been the same without them. Parting is bittersweet. We can't be more excited for them to start the next chapter in their lives in St Louis. We can't be more sad that they are leaving us.
It isn't "good bye." because we'll see each other soon.

"see you, tomorrow..."we said.

We love you.

We will miss you.


  1. You're going to make me cry again! Miss you already

    1. miss you so much already! It feels like we can still walk over to Q-building and hang out with you guys...play some games, have some pina coladas and watch arrested development or the food network. I will seriously miss those good ol days. love you! and hope we'll see each other SOON!