How we do camp, Yanagita-style.

Our camping trip to beautiful Higgins Lake was short and sweet. It was just long enough to experience nature and do the camp activities, but short enough that we didn't come back looking like mountain men/women/children. Our kids had a blast being outdoors and doing all the "camp-y" things. Everything was so exciting to them, from tubing to campfires to late-night s'mores. Definitely will be making it a Maris family tradition.  Enjoy what little images I was able to capture of this trip with my iphone.



The Maris' do LA.

I havent been able to post much on here because of our move. Adjusting to life with 3 kids has been more amazing than we could have imagined but also much more work than we expected. On top of all that our MacBook decides to not work any more...and it took everything i was working on with it...we will find out if everything can be restored to its original condition by the end of this week. Until then I can't post the photos I've been working on. Yeah, bummer. Sooo in the meantime let me tell you about our most recent trip. The one we  just got back from yesterday :)

Our 2 day trip to Cali was a much needed break for both Chad and I. A break from the desert heat and also hard manual work for Chad. Just to be able to get away and spend time alone anywhere would have been nice, but to be able to vaca in California was more than I could have ever asked for. We took the baby but left the older two with chads parents, and Kona slept most of the trip and was such a trooper! 

This is how the Maris' do LA....captured by my iPhone.

Huntington Beach pier and surf // Kona chillin // Koreatown // Beverly Soon Tofu House (as seen on Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown) // Kona drivin // Little Tokyo // Pitfire Pizza Company with friends // Kona chillin again // Kogi BBQ truck (also seen on AB show and Foodnetwork) // Chick-Fil-A peach milkshake and my hunk of a road trip buddy // the burning sunset, literally