Food Photography.

I am completely new to this world of food photography, and I have to say, I like it. I love that the subject is stationary and I can manipulate it the way I want without having to worry about them falling out of pose or miss the split second smile. I am still lacking in the area of styling each shoot, but every shoot is a learning experience. I definitely have a TON more to learn, but that is exactly why I am so excited about it! I am mostly inspired by very rustic, natural food styling. Here are a few of the most notable food blogs, that I love....
If there are any others that you recommend, please share! I am always looking to be inspired by other food bloggers/photographers.

The latest photos I have taken were for my neighbor who just started her journey in food blogging as well. Visit her site, Coconuts & Cardamom. They share such great recipes and tips there! Here are a few of the shots that I got of their Cucumber Ribbons/salad, Lemon Cookies, and Acai Bowls/Parfaits.

Not only is their food beautiful, but delicious! Be sure to pay them a little visit.


  1. All these look so good! I love your photography! You should do a tutorial on how to take such good photos on food! Because mine never look this good!

    1. Thank you! :D I am still learning and there is so much room for improvement, but I really appreciate the positive feedback! if there is one thing I would share about getting great photos, especially food photos, lighting is the single most important thing. We usually take our food outside in the open shade because the lighting in my apartment is so bad.