The day that started a little muddy. literally.

2/23/13・My birthday
My birthday was a day I was not particularly looking forward to because I was turning a year older... another year closer to the age 30...but it was a day that I was going to get to spend with my boys, all. day. long. SO it was worth waking up for. It started with an early morning car ride to Dillingham Ranch, where the much anticipated Warrior Dash was taking place. On the way there, we counted more than 5 rainbows, even a set of double rainbows. It was shaping up to be a great day.
We knew to expect a little mud, a lot of people in crazy costumes, and people in costumes covered in mud... but the added downpour that morning put the muddiness of the whole event up to a whole new level - as in for us, the spectators. It was the sticky, build up on your shoes and stroller wheels kind of mud. Once the race was over, and after a complete shower down at the beach park, it was off to town.
We ate, shopped, and ate some more. The kids were wiped out by the end of the day. Delicious food, fun time with my boys, town date, and shopping - the best kind of day I could have ever asked for.

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