Love is Sweet.

February, the month of love, is already at its halfway mark. It's been a fabulous month, but its going by way too fast. It's my birthday month (oh, one year older, no biggie, right?)....and Valentine's Day has come and gone already.

I had a fabulous day with my 3 loves. a very low-key kind of day. I woke up to a delicious breakfast smoothie made especially for me by my (non)kitchen-savvy chef of a husband, and the cutest hugs and kisses from the tiniest hands and lips. The best way to start the day, don't you think? The Hubs was gone all day at school, while I got to chill with my littlest baker buddy. We finished the day off with a delicious meal followed by this decadent chocolate cake. just perfect.

How did you spend your Valentine?

fyi: Recipe for this decadent treat to follow..... tomorrow...so stay tuned!

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