Kona | 9 months and a birth story

You must all be thinking "FINALLY!"...or "that's a little  really late..."
I started writing his birth story MONTHS ago, but I just never had the chance to finish it. Since this little chunker turns 9 months today, what better time to post about the day he came into this world (after being in the womb for 9 months)? -- nine in, nine out...get it? --

I seriously couldn't hold back tears as I was looking through these pictures. Such precious moments and such priceless memories...(hint: skip to the pictures, they are the best part)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At one of my last prenatal appointments, my doctor suggested that I schedule an induction, "just in case" my baby didn't come early. My babies never come early, so I wasn't expecting this one to either. Sure enough the day before my induction day came, and nothing...no baby, no contractions, not even dilated....I was a bit frustrated and disappointed, as I wanted this one to "come on his own." With my previous pregnancies/deliveries going the way they did, I was okay with another induction though. I packed my things, got ready for the birthing center, and off I went - by myself -- which we also planned out because of our two other ones that needed looking after. The agreement was, hubby will come when things started to progress. Roughly 11:30 PM, they place the cervidil and the waiting began. Next day rolls around, still no baby and still not much progression. I told Chad to take his time getting the kids ready and don't rush, while in my impatient head I'm thinking, "isn't the 3rd supposed to just come right out?" ...but this one was stubborn too.

Finally noon comes and goes. By this time, I'm thinking to myself, this baby is coming out today! whether he likes it or not...(I know, I was a little selfish by that point, but can you blame me after 3 inductions??) I was hoping that he would come without pitocin, just as my second did but the clock was ticking and I didn't want to be "in labor" for over 30 hours like my first...so I called the doctor in and asked her what was next. She knew how I felt about pitocin so she was patient in waiting with me until that point, but since labor wasn't progressing on its own fast enough, she advised me that that would be next best option. She started a low dosage of pitocin and shortly after, my water broke! Things didn't go as quick as I had hoped even after that, but it was progressing. At this point pretty much everyone was at the birthing center in anticipation of this baby coming. By late afternoon, I was dilated to about a 9-10 and Dr. Moore determined that I could start pushing around 7 PM. My baby didn't come until 8:22 PM...so as you can imagine, it was a long and tiring process from the time I started to push until he decided that he was ready. But wow was he worth it! My baby angel came into the world at a whopping 9 pounds 3.8 ounces and was welcomed by his loving brothers, dad, uncle, aunts, and cousin. He was and continues to be a huge blessing in our little family. Not a day goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for sending this precious spirit to us. His smile alone melts my soul completely. We love our Kona Liam.

I want to give a special thanks - to my little sister who came all the way from Vancouver to be there for me through this process. She took care of my boys, along with her own, being 2 months pregnant herself, AND she even documented this momentous day by taking these photos. Yoko, you are amazing.
ALSO to my kind and loving husband, who supported me through the pregnancy and was there as much as he could through labor. Just having him there gave me the courage and strength when I didn't think I could go on. Love you, babe, you are my rock.

AND to my Kona baby, even if you made us wait and wait and wait, we love you more than words can express. You make our family more complete and filled a void in it we didn't even know existed....



  1. As impatient as they make us, babies are ALWAYS worth the wait! Such beautiful, precious pictures... they capture memories that I'm sure you will forever treasure! The family ones (and ones of your older boys with him) are my favorites!

    1. Thanks Megan!!! I bet you are getting excited for your baby boy, huh? Kids, they really do test our patience, from the VERY beginning to (Im sure) the very end ;)
      Best of luck to you the rest of this pregnancy and after! xo